IAMFA seeks to supports facility managers (FM) and other professionals with unique learning opportunities geared towards cultural institutions.  We face particular challenges that are not addressed by existing facility management organizations and IAMFA seeks to fill in those knowledge gaps through collective support and idea sharing.  Museums may also be slow to adopt new technologies due to the invaluable nature of their assets and a limited risk approach to running facilities.  Our membership shares their experience with various new technologies and this feedback helps us all make the right decisions when it comes to lifecycle planning and collection preservation.  Lastly, we are engaged in collaborative efforts with fellow departments in our facilities to identify where we can save resources while still delivering the performance necessary to support the mission of our institutions.  These tactics lower our impact on the operating budget and free up funds that can be used elsewhere to preserve and present the treasures we are charged with protecting. 

We bring these goals to light through several different programs:

Annual Conferences

The primary focus of our annual conference is learning and networking.  We provide a series of presentations over the course of a few days and show off local venues along with their expert staff.  Subject matter experts from within IAMFA and from other organizations are invited to present their findings and successes for the benefit of our delegates. 


Papyrus is our tri-annual magazine that features new technological developments in our industry, showcases museum construction/refits and keeps membership up to date on all things IAMFA!


We partner with FacilityIssues to collect performance data from many cultural institutions around the globe.  These metrics help our membership in many ways and identify in which areas they excel and those that could use improvement.  Facilities that perform well in a given category are given a forum to explain their methods so others can learn and adopt their effective strategies.  This data has been used by many IAMFA members to obtain capital funding for lifecycle replacements or reducing risk/operating costs.  Benchmarking is not a mandatory function of IAMFA membership  however we encourage its use.

Events and Seminars

IAMFA partners with other organizations in the form of join conferences.  In addition to this, our members are often part of other organizations that support their career and facility management goals.  We like to showcase other learning opportunities here that may be of benefit to members.

Knowledge Library

As caretakers of historical institutions and national landmarks, we are required to have some very specific knowledge sets in order to make the right decisions.  In this sections we provide links to content that our membership has found useful that is specific and may not be readily available from other facility management organizations.

Surveys and Feedback

From time to time we issues surveys to membership to gain feedback on the direction of our profession or to determine the level of adoption of a new technology.


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